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Text messaging outranks phone calls and emails as the dominant form of communication among Millennials. In fact, 99% of text messages are opened. They never get missed or ignored. Use it to improve participation in your school, team or club activities. Start Now

How to use a text message keyword.


After creating a campaign for an organization in the SmartRaiser platform with our easy set-up wizard, choose a KEYWORD that is related to the organization, customize your auto-response and insert a link to the campaign’s website. Launch your fundraiser by simply directing participants to text in to your keyword.


Your participants are now on their campaign website where they can start selling via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text Message. They can also make their own campaign website where they can track their sales, thank their supporters, and follow a live scoreboard, with no special school or student ID’s to manage or distribute.


Because your participants have texted in to your keyword, you can now send them follow up and reminder text messages to keep your campaign front and center during the campaign period. By default, we include three reminders when there are seven days left, three days left, and on the last night to BOOST your sales. You can also use the Send SMS feature in the portal to send additional messages.


Boost Technology.

Simplify the monitoring progress and follow up with participants using Boost Technology. This allows a Coach, Fundraising Coordinator, or even yourself to easily send a follow up text message to the participants right from your phone. There’s no software to learn or portal to navigate. Keep the campaign front and center!


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